Specialty items

Specialty Stores

Nailsworth street is flooded with shops. You’ll never run out of options here, that’s for sure. Tourists and locals go here to shop to their heart’s content. And we are happy to inform you that every year more shops are opening to do business in this busy street. Prepare your cash and credit cards to get all the stuff you want or need.

Joya (Penlea Market Street)

Did you know that you can get the best socks here? From bamboo to wool socks, you can get it here. Plus you can shop for cute items perfect for gifts and souvenirs.


Are you into knitting and sewing? This might be the best place for you to shop. They are complete with any materials for your needs. Visit their facebook page mothergooseonline to know more about the store.

Keogh’s Books (Old Clothiers Arms, Market St)

If you are in the look out for rare, interesting and unsual books, then this store is a must-see. Browse their wide variety of book collections. We’re they have something which might interest you.

Cotswold Costumes (Tradeplas Building)

Manchester has many interesting events. Most of these events requires you to wear a costume. Cotswold costumes got your covered. Why buy when you can rent it?

Phoenix Walking Stick Co Ltd (Nailsworth Mills)

Feel like you are Don Pablo with his walking stick. Phoenix has a wide range of collections you ca choose from. They have different platings and materials depending on your preference. If you are in need of a walking stick, you can get only the best here.

Strangeness and Charm Vintage (Gloucester Street)

They have rare charms and accessories in store for you. Also they offer vintage clothings which you cannot find anywhere else.