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Shopping is a great exercise but also can be tiring too.  Good thing that Market Street has lined up for you grocery stores, restaurants, cafes, and food stands for you.


Sometimes we forget our essentials whenever we travel, but if you are in Market Street you can find all the items you need.

Tesco Metro (58-66 Market St)
ALDI Manchester (Arndale)
little Waitrose (Manchester House)


If you are a certified foodie, you will love Market Street. You will discover different cuisines and tons of options where you can fill your hungry stomach.

Bella Italia (Piccadilly)

Bella Italia good reviews from different platforms. They have a wide variety of dishes from pizza, pasta to grills, you can find them here. Great food at affordable prices.

The Doric Tavern ( 15-16 Market St)

The cozy and relaxing ambience will surely complete your Market Street experience here at The Doric Tavern. They claim to be the oldest gastro-pub in Edinburgh. Slow down and sip some wine in their wine station and eat some good food in their dining area.

Nandos ( Piccadilly)

Dig in to their juicy grilled chicken in spicy chilli sauce. This Afro-Portuguese restaurant offers simple yet oozingly delicious grilled dishes.

Frankie & Benny’s (St Ann)

Frankie & Benny is close to the heart of the locals here. Their dishes are collaboration of American and Italian food. Their servings are very decent for its price. So if you are hungry as a bear, come and eat here.

Asparagasm (Market St)

Don’t get the name wrong. They mean that we need to eat more veggies. Their dishes are sumptous and very healthy. If you are looking for something vegan, visit them.